Brownie Ala-Mode

Brownie A La Mode

Brownie ala mode from Wall's!


2 people



Prep time

5 min 

Cook time

0 min


  • selecta super thick vanilla ice cream
  • white king brownies & crinkles mix
  • strawberry syrup optional
  • chocolate syrup optional

How to make

  1. Prepare your White King brownies according to pack, or buy your favorite brownies!

  2. When the brownies are ready, let them cool for a bit before scooping some Selecta Super Thick ice cream over 2-3 brownies.

  3. Top the brownies with your ice cream scoop and any other ingredients you wish. Whether it’s sprinkles or syrup or chocolate chips, your Selecta brownie ala mode is already sure to be a hit!

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