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Choco Lava Cake Ala Mode

You can’t go wrong with choco lava cake ala mode! Level up this delectable snack with Selecta Super Thick ice cream.

choco lava cake ala modes

Prep Time: 5 mins

Serves: 2 or more

Choco Lava Cake Ala Mode

Choco Lava Cake Ala Mode


Selecta Super Thick ice cream

Choco Lava Cake bar

Caramel Syrup, optional

Banana chips and other toppings, optional


1. Get your pre-made choco lava cake at your nearest grocery or bakery.

2. Scoop up some Selecta Super Thick ice cream in your favorite flavors!

3. Top the cakes with your ice cream scoop and any other ingredients you wish. Whether it’s syrup or banana chips, your Selecta choco lava cake ala mode is already sure to be a hit!


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