Classic ice cream
Classic Vanilla oozing with creaminess in a 1.5L tub
Enjoy the smooth taste of Selecta Super Thick Ube Royale Ice Cream. Made with authentic ube flavor from Kinampay Ube, this ice cream offers a rich and creamy flavor that's hard to resist. It's the perfect ube ice cream for a simple treat or to complement your favorite dessert.
Savor the vibrant and authentic flavors of the Philippines with Selecta Super Thick Mango Ice Cream. Celebrated for its creamy richness, Selecta's super thick variety is a fan favorite, and the mango flavor is no exception. We take pride in blending the juiciest carabao mangoes into our ice cream, ensuring a burst of tropical delight in every spoonful. Perfect for the discerning palate that appreciates a fuller, more robust ice cream experience. Enjoy the premium quality of selecta mango ice cream, where every scoop is a promise of excellence.
Delight in every bite with the profound richness of Selecta Super Thick Ice Cream Strawberry. This strawberry ice cream masterpiece boasts a creamy texture that's intensified with layers of real strawberry swirls. The epitome of indulgence, it captures the authentic essence of strawberries in a super thick ice cream creation.
Classic Vanilla oozing with creaminess in a 3.0L tub
Experience chocolate like never before with Selecta Super Thick Super Chocolate Ice Cream. Every bite is a symphony of rich chocolate notes, harmoniously blended to offer a super thick and creamy texture that lingers. Crafted for true chocolate lovers, this ice cream captures the essence of selecta chocolate ice cream's promise: pure indulgence. Whether served as a decadent scoop after dinner or paired with your favorite desserts, it's a chocolatey adventure that you wouldn’t want to miss. Explore the pinnacle of chocolate perfection.