Cupcake ala mode

Cupcake A La Mode

Experience the joy of Cupcake A la mode with the creamy goodness of Selecta Classic Super Thick ice cream.


2 people



Prep time

5 min 

Cook time

0 min


  • selecta super thick ice cream
  • chocolate cupcake
  • maple syrup
  • snowflake sprinkles
  • coconut shavings
  • fruits

How to make

  1. Get your favorite cupcakes from your nearest grocery or bakery.

  2. Scoop up some Selecta Super Thick ice cream, or any of your favorite flavors! We recommend Ube Royale if you have a cheese cupcake, or Mango and Strawberry for vanilla cupcakes.

  3. Top the cupcake with your ice cream scoop and any other ingredients you wish. Whether it’s sprinkles or syrup or chocolate chips, your Selecta cupcake ala mode is already sure to be a hit!

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